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Reverend Says He Never Married Brad and Angelina

With reports that Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie tied the knot yesterday in New Orleans, "Extra" went one-on-one with Tony Talavera, the reverend rumored to have married the couple at The French Quarter Wedding Chapel.

Talavera exclaims, "I did not marry them. I've never met them. They have not planned a wedding with them whatsoever. I married four people yesterday, but none of them were them." He insists, "I did not marry them."

If Brad and Angelina decided to get married at his chapel, Reverend Tony is certain they could keep it a secret, he says, "Absolutely...nobody would know." He comments, "We're the only wedding chapel in the French Quarter...if they wanted to elope and get away from everybody this would be an ideal location."