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Ashley: 'It's All Fun and Games'

Ashley Dupre said her wild striptease for "Girls Gone Wild" was "all fun and games." The Jersey hooker, whose pricey trysts with Eliot Spitzer caused the governor to resign last week, was formerly known as "Amber" when she stripped for GGW in Miami in 2003, and told a reporter from The Palm Beach Post that getting wild for the cameras was "everything you thought it would be." Oh, she's a million laughs!

Miss Dupre, now 22, told the reporter that she was 21 at the time and a waitress in North Carolina. Turns out the wannabe singer may have been 17 when she celebrated her birthday in Miami, and now her lawyers have sent GGW founder Joe Francis a letter to warn him against using the footage. Francis has delayed releasing the full video of Ashley's naughty striptease.

Earlier this week, GGW offered the call girl a million bucks to pose nude - before realizing they already had a, er, treasure chest of footage in their vaults. "It's kind of like finding a winning lottery ticket in the cushions of your couch," Francis told the AP.