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Rachael Ray Blasts Plastic Surgery Rumors

“Extra” is setting the recipe straight with culinary cutie Rachael Ray about persistent tabloid rumors that her marriage to husband John Cusimano is on the rocks.

“The first couple times I got angry,” Ray told "Extra." “Then I got upset, and now I just laugh, I mean, what else are you going to do?”

Rachael also took the knife to rumors that she's had plastic surgery.

"I really laughed at the one that said I had a brow lift," Rachael says. “If I were to have the week off you think I’d spend it under the knife? If was going to cut something off don’t you think it’d be my butt not my forehead?”

With Rachael, it's all about food, from her four TV shows to her 13th cookbook, called "Just In Time."

"It has 15-minute meals, 30-minute meals and 60-minute meals," she explains.

She's even helped develop a set of safety knives for kids, with proceeds going to her Yum-O organization.

But will she have kids of her own?

“Man, I’m too tired,” she confesses. “I feel like I’m a bad mom to my dog, Isabu! I wouldn't want to do that to a kid, not be able to give them enough time. I have five jobs and I just don’t think I could take on the biggest job of being a parent right now.”