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Madonna Throws Star-Studded Charity Bash

Only one woman can bring together the biggest stars in the world: Madonna.

The Material Girl hosted a star-studded event last night in New York that brought millions of dollars to UNICEF and her non-profit organization, Raising Malawi, the country where she adopted a son.

"My long term goal is that if we can raise Malawi then we can do that in a lot of other places," Madonna explained to "Extra."

As for adopting again, she revealed, "I can handle a few more!"

Miss M's adoring daughter Lourdes stood by her famous mom's side and said lovingly, "I'm pretty proud." Lourdes knows how hard Mom worked to get Donald Trump, P. Diddy, Ashton Kutcher, Demi Moore, Drew Barrymore, Justin Long, Billy and Katie Lee Joel and more all together for one night.

"She's been stressed!" Lourdes admitted.

Even a very-pregnant Jennifer Lopez came with husband Marc Anthony.

"We haven't been out lately, obviously, but if we were going to come out, we'd come out for this!" Jennifer said.

Impending motherhood certainly agrees with the glowing J. Lo, who's due any minute, despite a few jitters about the baby.

"We just look at each other and go, panic!" Marc confessed. Added a laughing Jennifer, "Terror, but it's great. No morning sickness, no swollen ankles - everything's been great."

Rosie O'Donnell came out to support Madge, as did Gwyneth Paltrow, who's back on her feet after an intestinal problem forced her into the hospital.

"I'm feeling great, and I'm completely fine," Gwyneth told "Extra." "It was all blown out of proportion."

Drew Barrymore stepped out with beau Justin Long, and she revealed the secret to their relationship: laughter.

"This is why I love my boyfriend - because he cracks me up so hard," she gushed.

And Demi and Ashton were arm-in-arm, "exactly where she should be," Ashton said as he smiled at his wife.

The two are passionate about Madonna's cause, insisting that more needs to be done for Africa's children.

"We need to look at these children as our children," Demi insisted.

After all, as Chris Rock explained, "Madonna calls, you show up."