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Brit Wants Dad Out; Lawyer Says She 'Doesn't Understand'

Britney Spears' lawyers argued today that her father Jamie should not be allowed control of Brit's personal, legal and financial affairs, claiming that his conservatorship over her is causing Brit "even more stress."

But Jamie's lawyers say that as a concerned father, he's staying put, insisting that he's stepping in only because "his daughter is in great distress."

Jamie told the court he has no interest in her money, revealed in court to be a whopping $40 million estate. The other shocker? Britney's in the middle of a $17 million tax audit.

Also today, a court-appointed lawyer said that he interviewed Britney at UCLA Medical Center and concluded that she isn't able to grasp what's going on in court. Not only does she "not understand court proceedings," but she "lacks the capacity to retain counsel." X17online.com says she also "lacks the capacity to retain information."

Now there are new reports that Britney, 26, is being held in a padded room and has taken on a string of bizarre aliases.

Reports say a source inside the psych ward claims Britney speaks to herself in a British accent and went from calling herself "Amanda" to "Jack Triple-X 59."

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