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A 'Grease' Reunion in the Works?

It's been 30 years since they stole the screen and made all of America sing. Now are John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John gearing up for a "Grease" reunion?

"Wouldn't that be nice?" John told "Extra" at the Australia.com gala in Hollywood this weekend.

He added, "I always have my heart filled when i see Olivia. We had a huge moment in history together. I love seeing her."

Olivia and John shared a tender hug on the red carpet, where she said, "It's always nice to see him again."

But Olivia said a sequel to the beloved musical isn't likely.

"I think the time's probably gone by now," she laughed, "but I'd love to work with him of course."

Olivia also broke news to "Extra" that there's another John in her life now - her new Australian boyfriend, businessman John Easterling.

So is marriage in the future?

"He's a wonderful man. Yes, this is it," she admitted.