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Brad Looking Forward to Pax’s First Christmas

What is Brad Pitt looking forward to this Christmas?

“Our son Pax is four, and this will be his first Christmas,” Brad told the “Today” show. “I don’t think they had much of a Christmas in the orphanage, and our daughter’s turning three and should have good memories from this Christmas, so it’s a special Christmas for us.”

Not only is it a special time for his family, who will celebrate the holiday in the Big Easy, but it’s a Christmas wish come true for his Make It Right campaign. The foundation, dedicated to build 150 eco-friendly houses in New Orleans, just received an anonymous $1 million donation and the support of actors Will Ferrell and David Spade.

“It’s been fantastic,” he said. “We’ve had 12,000 people across America come in and donate…It’s working. It’s really working. It’s that thing we talked about of people coming together and people helping people, and that’s where America’s great.”

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