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Helio on Split with Fiancée: 'It Is What It Is'

Just hours after taking home the "Dancing with the Stars" trophy, “Extra” can confirm that Helio Castroneves has broken off his engagement to Aliette Vazquez.

Helio spoke to “Extra” moments after his appearance on “The View” this morning, where he talked fondly about his fiancée and dancing at his own wedding. But he came clean to “Extra,” confirming the split and explaining why he did not mention it on “The View.

He says, “It’s about the show. I didn’t want to put my personal life in that moment.”

When asked if his fiancée was upset about last night’s kiss between him and his partner Julianne Hough, he says, “It was the beginning of something [but] it [the relationship] was beyond that point. It was time to let go.”