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'Romantic' David Beckham Likes to Buy Victoria Flowers

David Beckham is opening up about his marriage to Spice Girl Victoria Beckham, telling "Extra" that he's got a romantic side!

"I like to do things for her," David confessed. "Buy her flowers. Leave her notes. Do things that just make her happy."

But as for whether David is a hopeless romantic, he says, "I'll let my wife tell you that!"

"Extra" was with the soccer stud last night as he bent his charity muscles in an all-star soccer game. His appearance helped raise more than $100,000 to help those hit by the California wildfires.

"It's nice to be in that position and play out there and raise a certain amount of money," David said.

But it was his praise about wife Victoria that was priceless, like how Posh's upcoming appearance this week as Vanessa Williams' bridesmaid on "Ugly Betty" turned into a family outing.

"I was there; I was on the set," David said. "I took the boys down in the afternoon to see it so they had fun and she had fun."

David also revealed that Victoria is nervous about her American acting debut, but added, "She has nothing to be nervous about."

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