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Michael Lohan: 'Don't Judge Lindsay and Riley'

“Extra” spoke exclusively to Michael Lohan as he promoted the faith-based event “GodMen,” but the interview turned personal when talked turned to Lindsay.

As Lindsay shopped in L.A., as captured by celebtv.com, Michael told "Extra," “All I’ll say is that she’s in the right place in her heart and mind and soul,” Michael said. He and Lindsay rekindled their strained relationship once she entered rehab at the Cirque Lodge this summer.

Their new relationship has “been a blessing. I feel blessed by being back in her life. I feel blessed that she’s back on the right path, that she’s found the right place in her life. She’s a blessed kid.”

Michael is also giving his blessing to Lindsay’s new beau, skateboarder Riley Giles.

“Riley is a good kid,” he says. “He comes from a good family. It’s not about what we did in the past. It’s about righting those wrongs.”

He adds, “I don’t think anyone has the right to judge Riley. They [Lindsay & Riley] keep each other in line. They go to meetings with one another.”

In regard to his relationship with ex-wife Dina, he added, “I wish the best for Dina.”