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Secrets from Brad and Angie's All-Star Bash

The Hamptons are going to get even hotter this weekend with the arrival of Brad and Angelina, in town to dig deep in the pockets of the rich and famous to help rebuild New Orleans.

Us Weekly’s Noelle Hancock tells “Extra” the dinner will be small, with only 50 people invited, but the soirée is expected to bring in a fair amount of money.

“Guests who are coming will be expected to make a fairly large contribution to the project," she told us.

Brad and Angelina are hoping to rebuild the devastated Ninth Ward with “green” homes, which will provide housing to lower-income families and help the environment.

The party will be at the home of Jane Rosenthal, who befriended Angelina on the set of “The Good Shepherd,” on which Jane was a producer.

Meanwhile, Brad and Angelina are in Manhattan with their children, where Brad made negotiations with the paparazzi to keep their distance from his family.

Brad turned to the cameras and pleaded, “We're going to be here for awhile and we're going to have all the kids out, so if you can just get the word out not to ambush the kids…anything you guys can do long lens would be much appreciated.”

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