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Britney's Shocking Game of Truth or Dare

The runaway train that is Britney Spears just continues to pick up steam.

“Extra” found Britney partying last night at Hollywood hot spot Winston’s, where she caused chaos as she left the club in the early morning hours.

But the bedlam doesn’t stop there.

Britney allegedly continued her all-night partying with a drunken hot tub tryst!

Us Weekly says Britney picked an extra from her latest video to invite back to L.A.’s Standard Downtown hotel for drinks at the rooftop pool.

Before long, Britney was reportedly pounding drinks and making out with the 21-year-old college student, who says he played a scandalous game of truth or dare that eventually left Brit topless!

The next day, estranged ex Kevin Federline reportedly dropped off the kids at her home after the recently-rehabbed star slept off her wild night.