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Stars Speak Out on Lindsay's DUI Bust

Lindsay Lohan is in hiding, just one day after her DUI arrest and disturbing mug shot made headlines around the world.

Now Paris Hilton – who recently did jail time for violating the terms of her probation stemming from her own DUI arrest – is breaking her silence.

“I just want everyone to be happy and healthy,” Paris told “Extra.”

Her parting words for her former pal?

“God bless her,” Paris said.

Britney Spears, who is currently in a world of troubles on her own, only offered “Extra” the odd comment, “It’s okay.”

Right now, there are reports that Lindsay is staying with her attorney in Hollywood, while other sources tell “Extra” she may be seeking treatment at the famed Hazelden Center in Minnesota.

Late Tuesday night, “Extra” spotted someone transferring items from Lindsay’s SUV outside her attorney’s office.

Now “Extra” is breaking news about what led to Lindsay’s arrest.

“Extra” can reveal that Tarin Graham is the former assistant who reportedly quit on the evening of Lindsay’s DUI. It was Tarin’s mother who Lindsay was reportedly chasing down!

Now it appears as if there is a backlash of sorts to Lindsay’s troubles.

This morning on “Live with Regis and Kelly,” Kelly Ripa blasted Lindsay’s wild behavior as her anger turned personal.

“My sister was hit by a drunk driver and almost killed,” she said. “So I would introduce her to my sister maybe so she could see the results of the physical agony that a person lives with after an accident like that.”

Now many people are asking if Lindsay’s once-promising career is over.

Legendary manager and producer Bernie Brillstein told The New York Times, “I hope they put her in jail for as long as they can. Maybe she’ll realize how serious it is.”

But studio executive James Robinson wants others to cut her some slack.

“She is a world-class actress,” Robinson insisted.

Robinson is the film executive who famously lambasted Lindsay in an angry – and public – letter for being late to the set of “Georgia Rule.”

But now he is reaching out to the troubled starlet.

“If you need anything, you just call me,” he plead. “As soon as I’m allowed to visit, I’ll be there.”

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