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John Stamos: 'I'm Not Like David Hasselhoff'

John Stamos is speaking out against hurtful headlines claiming he’s battling addiction – and he wants people to know the truth.

“It really upset me,” John said of his bizarre behavior on Australian TV and the subsequent stories claiming substance abuse.

But the most upsetting part of it is the comparison some are making to David Hasselhoff’s infamous Las Vegas tape.

“It kind of infuriates me,” John said. “I love David. I’m proud of his recovery and stuff, but you know, the first thing they said to me was, ‘Are you like David Hasselhoff? Do you need to go to rehab?’ And I said, ‘No, I’m not like David Hasselhoff. I’m not in that same situation.’”

Just as painful is the attention stolen from a project dear to John’s heart, which helps arrange adoptions for expectant single moms.

“That particular week my charity that I’m the chairman for, Project Cuddle, saved three babies' lives,” John said. “That was never mentioned in any of this.”

The “Full House” star blames exhaustion from a whirlwind world tour and use of the sleeping pill Ambien for behavior that included slurred words and droopy eyes.

“You know, Uncle Jesse is human!” John insisted.

But there is one good thing that has come from his ordeal – fans might be seeing a new side of “E.R.’s” dashing doctor.

“I had a ton of people call me and say, ‘Finally you got some edge!’” John joked. “I've gotten movie offers; I got great stuff that has been coming up that I normally wouldn't get.”