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It's Official! Eddie Murphy the Father of Mel B's Child

The DNA results are in, and they prove that Eddie Murphy is the father of "Scary Spice" Melanie Brown's 2-month-old daughter!

Mel received the results Thursday afternoon, almost two weeks after Eddie took a DNA test.

“He’s the baby’s father, it’s official,” the source told People. “The baby is undoubtedly, 110 percent his.”

Brown's rep confirmed the report today.

The source said of Mel, "There was no doubt in people's minds anyways, least of all hers. It wasn't a surprise to her. She knew all along."

So far, Eddie hasn’t responded.

Mel, 32, gave birth to baby Angel Iris Murphy Brown on April 3 and has said Eddie is definitely the father.

They dated last summer, but in December he told a Dutch TV show, “I don't know whose child that is until it comes out and has a blood test."

In May, Mel told “Extra,” “The crazy thing is, this baby was planned, and he knows it’s his.”