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Who is Raising Hollywood's Hellraisers?

It's the question everyone is asking: where is the guidance in these young girls' lives?

Britney, Lindsay, Paris, Nicole - they're the biggest stars of the party scene, and they've all been hit with a big dose of reality.

Britney and Lindsay are in rehab, Nicole faces a DUI charge, and Paris is in jail.

So where are the moms of Hollywood's hellraisers?

They're all under scrutiny, raising questions about whether they've been too lenient in raising their famous daughters.

Paris once described her relationship with her mom Kathy to "Extra," explaining, "My mom's always been there for me. She's like my best friend."

Britney and her mom Lynn just reconciled - but where was she during Britney's breakdown?

Ditto for Dina Lohan, Lindsay's mom, who critics say acts more like a friend than a mom.

She's partied with her daughter on a regular basis and consistently defended her daughter's troubled ways as just part of "growing up," excusing her "exhaustion" and stays in rehab.

She's said that Lindsay was just a young girl who "needed to reel it in."

But even as Lindsay seemingly tries to do that from Promises treatment facility in Malibu, a party is being planned for her big 21st birthday.

It will be held at Pure nightclub in Sin City - and it looks like Lindsay has no plans of slowing down.

Still, Dina seems to be unfazed by it all.

"It's just silly whatever's out there," insists Dina. "We're okay."

Paris' dad Rick is reportedly doing the same thing, asking Las Vegas nightclubs to pony up big bucks to throw Paris a "Get Out of Jail" party.

Lynn Spears says Britney is just "figuring things out," and that "everything is going to be good."

"It's sad that the whole world had to watch her make mistakes that all of us have made at one time or another," Spears told Us Weekly.

Now the stars are weighing in on these troubled starlets.

"I've made a lot of mistakes," admits notorious bad-girl Pamela Anderson. "I just haven't been to jail!"

Pam, who was no stranger to trouble when she was younger, says that now that she's a mom, these girls need to learn some lessons.

"It's probably good for everyone involved, but it's sad to see someone suffer," says Pam.

Vanessa Williams told us today that, like many people, she is placing some responsibility on the shoulders of the parents.

"I hope that they can show her that she needs to be responsible for her actions and that there are consequences for actions," says Vanessa. "And what bigger lesson than what she's going through right now."