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Paris to Get Hair and Makeup Done Before Heading to Jail

With less than a week to go until she begins her jail time, Paris Hilton is preparing for the big house by doing a little summer reading.

“Extra” caught the pampered princess carrying the book, “The Secret,” as her countdown to incarceration comes to an end.

Paris is also reportedly planning on some glamour for the slammer – she’ll get her hair and makeup done at home before she heads to jail!

Last night, Paris enjoyed her final days of freedom at a party in Beverly Hills, where partygoers had plenty of advice.

Ex-inmate Michelle Rodriguez said Paris should “live, learn and love.”

“Dancing with the Stars” champion Apolo Anton Ohno told us he knows how to avoid Paris’ situation: he stays out of trouble!

“I don’t really drink or smoke, so that porbably has a lot to do with it,” Anton revealed.

Comedian David Allen Grier isn’t being so kind to girls like Lindsay.

“Get well. We need you back in the clubs…face planting, making out with strippers,” David joked. “Hollywood is built on young women like you.”

Meanwhile, Lindsay’s estranged father, Michael, had a few words of advice for his daughter, now on her fifth day of rehab at Promises.

“I love you. I’m here for you,” Michael said.

Even Donald Trump is chiming in!

He’s pointing to Lindsay’s parents, insisting, “She's got great talent, but they have to do something to alleviate the pressure.”

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