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Sanjaya Voted Off 'Idol,' Judges Breathe Sigh of Relief

It was an emotional night for “American Idol’s” seventh runner-up Wednesday, as Sanjaya tearfully left the competition.

The morning after the big reveal, “Extra” got judges Randy and Simon on Sanjaya’s swan song.

“I think the joke’s run out,” Simon said.

While Sanjaya is out of the competition, his fans are still speaking out. On Thursday, our very own Terri Seymour sent the “San-Fans’” messages to Randy Jackson.

“It's time to really pay attention and pick your next ‘American Idol,’” Randy responded.

Speaking of picking an “American Idol,” LaKisha hit the TV circuit Thursday, revealing what you didn’t hear during Sanjaya’s heart wrenching goodbye.

“He was saying, ‘I love you, I love you,’ and I was like, ‘I know, pull it together and sing your heart out,'" LaKisha confessed.

But don’t cry for Sanjaya just yet; the women of “The View” predict his future is “Rosie!”

“I'll bet he's going to have his own shown on Nickelodeon,” Rosie said. “He's got that Farrah Fawcett smile; it works for him.”

As for the king of Sanjaya pandemonium, Howard Stern, he’s not ready to give up his fight just yet, as his fiancé, and “Extra” correspondent, Beth Ostrosky, revealed.

“I think Howard’s going to demand a recount, and he wants an investigation to take place,” she joked.

Now that it’s down to the spectacular six, Simon and Randy are making their picks just for “Extra.”

“Top three at this stage? Jordin, Melinda, Blake,” Simon dished.

The Dawg feels the same exact way: “I think it’s really down to Blake, Melinda and Jordin.”

Check back for more on Sanjaya’s oust Friday, as we sit down for an “Extra” exclusive with the San-Man and present him with an extraordinary surprise!