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Suzanne Somers: 'I Really Believe We Were Saved'

Just two months after her Malibu mansion burned to the ground, Suzanne Somers appeared calm and collected on “Larry King Live” as she revealed the decision that saved her and her husband’s lives.

“We were going to leave the next day,” she recalled. “And that morning I said to Alan, ‘Why don’t we go today?’ And we kind of moseyed out of the house.”

“I stopped at the front door, and looked back at the house and thought, ‘Hmm, such a pretty, little house,’” Somers continued. “And I turned and walked away, and that was that.”

“Extra” was with Suzanne when she returned the next morning for her first tearful look at the rubble, and today, the star told “Extra” the rebuilding process is already underway.

“The saddest thing for me, the first seven books I wrote longhand,” Somers revealed. “I’d been saving these for my children as a legacy.”

But Suzanne said she has been given the greatest gift of all: “I really believe we were saved.”