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DNA Day for Dannielynn Hope Marshall Stern

“Extra” caught up with Larry Birkhead on Friday, as he was mobbed heading back into a Florida courtroom.

It was DNA day for the alleged daddy, but Larry is going to have to wait: a Florida judge didn’t order a DNA sample from little Dannielynn in the Bahamas to prove Larry’s paternity.

Now, “Extra” uncovers new allegations against the other alleged dad, and Anna Nicole Smith’s longtime lawyer, Howard K. Stern.

People magazine reports a witness told Bahamian police Stern appeared to have flushed drugs down a toilet after Anna’s son Daniel died.

But Howard is not the only one feeling the heat, as everyone ridicules Judge Larry Seidlin’s crazy behavior.

After Thursday’s ruling and the decision that Smith will be buried in the Bahamas, Anna’s mom Virgie Arthur has decided to appeal the ruling.

On Friday morning’s “Today,” she said the judge made a terrible mistake.

“I think he was wrong… he wants to be a movie star,” she said.

As the drama continues to play out, “Extra” brings you this exclusive interview as Anna Nicole’s long lost aunt, Joyce, breaks her silence.

Her first objective: to defend her sister, Virgie.

“She’s been unfairly portrayed as a bad mom,” Joyce said. “She did her very best for all her children.”

Joyce also slammed Smith’s father, Donald Hogan, revealing, “When they brought him into the courtroom, that, actually it hurt my heart because he had nothing to do with her life. Nothing.”

She had this message for Hogan: “If I could say something to Anna's dad, please go crawl back into the hole you crawled out of.”

Joyce also had as much disdain for Anna’s companion and lawyer, Howard K. Stern.

“Several times I've slipped and called him Howard K. Snake,” she admitted. “I think he controlled her. I think he used drugs to control her.”

Anna Nicole’s aunt told us the family hopes Howard isn’t the father of Anna’s newborn baby, Dannielynn.

“I think it's Larry Birkhead,” she said. “I don't know if she'll ever be able to rest in peace.”