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Former Miss Nevada Lashes Out at The Donald

Dethroned beauty queen Katie Rees is taking on Donald Trump, and the nasty feud caught on fire, right here on “Extra.”

In this explosive new interview, which took place inside Hugh Hefner’s Sky Villa at the Palms Casino Resort and Hotel, the former Miss Nevada USA blasted Trump for giving her the boot after racy photos of her were posted on the Internet.

“I feel like there was a huge double standard given,” Rees told “Extra’s” Carlos Diaz. “I asked for a second chance, and it wasn’t given.”

Katie’s scandalous photos surfaced just days after Trump pardoned Miss USA, Tara Conner, in a tear-filled press conference. Trump allowed Tara to keep her crown and enter rehab, but he decided to pull the plug on Katie’s pageant dreams.

“There was nothing we could do about that problem; the pictures were really out there,” Trump explained at the time.

Rees agreed that the photos were extremely racy, but not enough to warrant her dismissal, in comparison to Conner’s behavior.

“I was not, and I am not, in rehab,” Rees charged. “I didn’t test positive for illegal drugs, and I wasn’t caught making out with Miss Teen USA.”

Amid the controversy, Rees still had kind words and compliments for The Donald.

“I admire him. I think he’s a smart businessman,” she admitted. “He did what he had to do; however, I do believe there was a double standard given.”

The 22-year-old beauty shared that Trump asked her to return the crown and submit her resignation from the throne on the same day the photos surfaced on the Internet.

Initially, Katie defended her title, “I said absolutely not. It was three years ago and in no way representative of the person that I am.”

She added, “We were just a few silly girls having a good time, just taking a picture and people were egging us on.”

Rees appears to be moving forward amid the scandal and has a positive outlook in regards to her future and career. She hinted that Hefner has taken an interest in her, although she will not commit to posing for Playboy magazine… just yet, that is.

“For now I’m just working on getting out of the mold of the bad girl,” Rees said. “Because I am not a bad girl.”