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Isaiah Makes Amends with Gay Rights Groups

Isaiah Washington gets GLAAD, as his apology tour continues.

The embattled “Grey’s Anatomy” star just met with the leaders of two gay rights groups to address his now infamous slur.

“He is genuinely sorry and genuinely remorseful,” said GLAAD President Neil Giuliano.

Giuliano also told “Extra” that at the culmination of his one-hour meeting with Isaiah, the actor pledged to work with gay community leaders in the future, to “help us educate people a broader number of people about this hateful language,” Giuliano explained.

Meanwhile, other celebrities around the globe just can’t stop talking about the “Grey’s” scandal.

“Sometimes people from the outside make it a little bigger than what things are,” Salma Hayek said at the Producers Guild Awards.

At Monday night’s Trumpet Awards in Las Vegas, which celebrate African American achievement, Smokey Robinson was hopeful the controversy would run its course.

“I love Isaiah, I’ve known him for a long time,” he said. “He’s my brother, and I hope everything works out well for him.”

The “Grey’s Anatomy” controversy continues to be the highest tracked story on our website, and here’s what you are saying about Isaiah’s fate:

“Hate must never win; Isaiah Washington must be fired,” Henry said.

“No way! Isaiah is an amazing actor,” Amanda added. “If they do fire him I will quit watching.”

But the viewers have spoken, and more than 65 percent of you think Isaiah’s apology is enough, and that he should stay put on “Grey’s Anatomy.”

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