JoJo Fletcher Gives Some Helpful Advice to New ‘Bachelorette’ Rachel, Plus: Her ‘Amazing' Life with Jordan Rodgers

JoJo Fletcher Gives Some Helpful Advice to New ‘Bachelorette’ Rachel, Plus: Her ‘Amazing' Life with Jordan Rodgers

Earlier today, former “Bachelorette” JoJo Fletcher joined “Extra’s” online correspondent Hannah Kahn for “Extra’s" "The Bachelor: Morning After" dishing on life at home with fiancé Jordan Rodgers and revealing she has spoken to Rachel Lindsay, who will begin her own journey to find love on “The Bachelorette.”

Though Nick Viall did not give Rachel one of the two final roses, JoJo felt that Rachel and Nick had the best connection.

JoJo is excited about Rachel’s season, saying, “I think she’s so smart, she’s intelligent, she’s confident, so confident, I just think she is the whole package, another Dallas girl!”

“I had chance to talk to her not to long ago,” she went on. “When I was saying confidence, I don’t think she’ll be scared to put guys in place, and I love that.”

JoJo’s advice for Rachel? “She’s a lawyer — she thinks a lot, she’s always in her head. I was gonna tell her try not to be in her head that much but also listen to that mind of yours because you’re smart, and don’t let you heart get carried away with the looks and the lust, 'cause it happens.”

To prep for the tough finale, JoJo would advise Rachel, “Remember why she did this in the first place and why she picked who she picked.”

Fletcher also opened up on life with Jordan after the cameras stopped rolling, saying, things are “amazing.” She added, “He’s doing really well, he’s working so hard right now — I’m really proud of him.”

Of her favorite things about Jordan, the 26-year-old revealed, “One, he is incredibly funny and goofy, and I love that about him. He can clean our kitchen so fast and so efficiently it’s unbelievable… It is spic and span in about five minutes. I was having one of those Mr. Clean moments.”

He’s great at cleaning, but what is one of his flaws? “He talks a lot in his sleep,” Fletcher revealed with a smile. This is why I also love him — he sleeptalks a lot of the time in an accent!"