Actress Lindsay Lohan has reportedly gained five pounds after being taken off Adderall.

Lohan is currently at the Betty Ford Clinic, undergoing court-ordered rehab, and a source told the Inquisitr she is struggling without the medication, which contains amphetamine and is used for the treatment of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and narcolepsy.

Report: Lindsay Lohan Gains Weight After Adderall Cut Off
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The source said, "She has been exercising, but she just doesn't have a lot of energy because she is no longer taking Adderall, which is a psychostimulant medication that contains amphetamine.”

LiLo explained her condition in an interview with Piers Morgan, saying, "I have severe ADD. I can't stand still. So I take Adderall for that, it calms me. I know people who take it to stay up, or girls who take it to supposedly stay slim because it kills your appetite. But I eat all the time. I just take it to stay calm. It works well for me."

Lohan will be at the Betty Ford Clinic for 90 days.