How Sam & Colby Are Helping Youth Cope with Mental Health Amid COVID-19

Entrepreneurs, advocates and Teen Choice Award winners Sam and Colby announced are expanding their interactive platform Meta Life to help tackle the mental health aspect of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The online community, built for Gen Z and young millennials, will continue offering courses that blend the voices of professional help with Sam and Colby’s. The community is one of the only Gen-Z focused platforms addressing the mental health issues caused by COVID-19, including the effects of isolation, loneliness, social anxiety and more.

“Ever since Colby and I started social media, which was a couple of years ago, we thought that school doesn’t teach you everything you need to know about life,” Sam told “Extra” about the origins of Meta Life.

“When it comes to real-life problems, aka things we’re dealing with right now, emotional problems, mental stability, all that stuff, school doesn’t really talk about it in the same sense,” he continued. “We would have loved to have a place or platform to talk about those certain things when we were kids.”

Emphasizing the community aspect of Meta Life, Colby added, “When people are dealing with something like isolation, all they need to make them feel better is a deep connection with another human and just to have somebody to talk to about how they’re feeling and making sure they know they’re not alone in the situation.”

In addition to its courses, the Meta Life app — an add-on to the online platform — lets users engage with one another and unlock achievements and badges along the way based on activity in the community.

“We realize that the world is in chaos right now,” Sam said. “But we can still make the most of it. This could be an ideal opportunity to practice self-care, meet new people, and still stay connected, because there will be an end to this. Why not make the absolute most of it and come out as a better person on the other side?”

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