At Universal Studios Hollywood

Milo Ventimiglia Dishes on Mandy Moore’s Wedding, Plus: What’s to Come on ‘This Is Us’

Fans are still going crazy over the mid-season finale of “This is Us.”

On Tuesday, “Extra’s” Mario Lopez sat down with Milo Ventimiglia at Universal Studios Hollywood, where he dished on the hit NBC show and co-star Mandy Moore’s wedding.

Milo was one of the wedding guests celebrating Mandy’s recent nuptials with Taylor Goldsmith. Of the intimate affair, he said, “It was great, Taylor is such a lovely human being, and the two of them together, you see them and they’re right, you see the two of them together and it is right. It was a lot of fun. We were all there having a good time.”

On “This Is Us,” we know Milo’s character, Jack, is dead, but now we know his brother Nicky is “alive.” The 41-year-old revealed, “He’s doing a lot better than Jack… well, that remains to be seen.”

Fans also learn Kate and Toby are having a boy, and Tessa comes out to her parents. Milo said, “A lot of beautiful moments happened in that last episode. It felt like one of those well-rounded episodes for every character.”

As for what's to come, he teased, “There's a lot coming… I think right now, the question people have are, 'Did Jack know his brother is still alive, or if he did know, what are the circumstances?' There’s a mystery to be uncovered.”

Milo is also starring in “Second Act” with Jennifer Lopez, who wanted him personally for the movie. He gushed, “It’s a humbling thing… to have someone of her stature point her finger at me and say, 'I want you to be in this film, playing this part.' It was very humbling, I'm flattered, she is the coolest.”

The star is partnering with Kelley Blue Book once again. He shared, “Every year, they do their Best Buy Awards, they classify their cars based on road tests and everything the company has looked after for the last 92 years. I always consulted Kelley Blue Book when I was younger, so when they approached me last year and then again this year, it was like, of course.”

“This Is Us” returns to NBC on January 15. “Second Act” hits theaters December 21.