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Robert Carradine’s Wife Accuses Him of Trying to Kill Her in 2015 Car Crash

Robert Carradine’s Wife Accuses Him of Trying to Kill Her in 2015 Car Crash

Robert Carradine’s estranged wife Edith has made some shocking allegations about their March 2015 car crash in Colorado.

After the accident, Robert and Edith were treated for minor injuries. He was cited for careless driving, with authorities saying that neither alcohol nor speeding were factors in the crash.

In new court documents obtained by TMZ, Edith claims Robert intended to kill himself and her in a car crash. After confronting him about the accident, Edith says that “[Robert] confessed to me and our two children that he deliberately drove into the truck to kill us both.”

Edith described Robert, 63, as an “experienced professional race car driver,” who was wide awake when the accident took place. According to her, “when he suddenly veered across the highway and into the full sized semi-truck, he did so on purpose.”

Edith blamed the accident on his depression. According to the papers, she said he has been battling depression since the death of his brother, actor David Carradine, in 2009. As a result, she also wants his 17 guns taken away since she fears he could hurt himself.

Along with the car crash claims, Edith argues that she is broke, unemployed, and owes over $14,000 in legal fees.

Robert hasn’t commented on her new allegations, but in 2016 he accused Edith of stealing some of his prized possessions, according to TMZ. At the time, he claimed Edith went to their storage unit and made off with antique chairs, cameras, and $20,000 worth of guitars.

Edith and Robert, who married in 1990, are the middle of an ugly divorce.

He is best known as a member of the Carradine acing family, and as a star of the "Revenge of the Nerds" franchise.