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Video! Kidnap Victim Hannah Anderson Makes First Public Appearance

Kidnap victim Hannah Anderson made her first public appearance on Thursday, following a harrowing ordeal that left her mother and brother dead. Watch the video!

Cameras rolled as Anderson, 16, climbed out of a car and walked into Lakeside Boll Weevil restaurant for a fundraiser in her honor.
Her father, Brett, emerged later, telling the press, "This is a small community that we are a part of. The community came together putting on this great fundraiser for Hannah... and this is how Lakeside rolls.”
He continued, “So I just wanted to say how much we appreciate it from everybody, the community, family, friends for being here ... and local sheriffs and law enforcement...  Hannah sends her love. She's doing good day by day."
Family friend James DiMaggio tortured and killed Hannah’s mother Christina, 44, and brother, Ethan, 8, before picking up Hannah from cheerleading practice. He held the girl captive for six days before a showdown with authorities in Idaho.
DiMaggio was shot and killed during the rescue. When asked via social media whether Hannah would have preferred a life sentence for DiMaggio, she replied, "He deserved what he got."