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Video! Round Two: Christie Brinkley's Ex Calls Her a Liar

Just one day after Christie Brinkley's tearful "Today" show plea of "just wanting peace" with ex-husband Peter Cook, he appeared on the show and said, "The entire content of her interview was a lie, where she claims I am harassing her and bullying her on a daily basis."

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Brinkley's angry ex showed no sympathy for Christie's "crocodile tears" and explained she is "on a campaign to smear me. There is no Peter Cook press machine. I have no interest in the press. I'm not a celebrity. You don't hear about Peter Cook until Christie Brinkley dredges something up from the past to make herself relevant in the media again."

One thing the exes can agree on is that they both want the feud to be over. "I want peace. I want peace for my family. I want peace for myself. I want to be able to do my job, see my kids and live without the Christie Brinkley shadow over me. That's all I ask."

On Tuesday, the former supermodel told Matt Lauer, "Every time I have any joy or any kind of success in anything, he has to try and destroy it."

Brinkley and Cook were married for 12 years before splitting in 2008, after Cook admitted to having an affair with a young assistant.