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Vote! Should Charlie Sheen Get Custody of Bob and Max?

One minute Charlie Sheen sends his affectionate sentiments to his sons, saying, "Bob and Max, Daddy loves you," and the next minute he declares war with their mother, Brooke Mueller. "If you're watching, tell Mom to leave the room. It's on!"

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In response to his meltdown, ex-wife Denise Richards reportedly doesn't want Sheen near his daughters, Sam and Lola, and has hired a new lawyer.

Judge Jeanine Pirro, former District Attorney and County Court Judge, shares her expertise with "Extra." "It would be dangerous to let this guy have these kids again," Pirro explains, adding, "If the kids are witness to criminality... to a guy who is starting to be a danger to himself, then those kids can't go back to him."

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