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Kim Kardashian: What I'm Thankful For

kim kardashian

Kim Kardashian has a few things she's grateful for.

A few days before Thanksgiving, the reality star, 29, posted a list on her website.

1. My family -- family is really the most important thing in life.
2. My wonderful fans for always giving me that much needed pick me up.
3. Lamar for making Khloe the happiest girl in the world.
4. Kourtney and Scott for blessing us with my first nephew.
5. My boyfriend having an amazing season so far.
6. My glam squad for always making me fabulous!
7. My new dog Rocky who I am just so obsessed with.
8. My mom for putting in so much work every day and making it all happen.
9. My all my friends who keep me sane! LOL!
10. My web manager, Jen, for helping to manage my life and come up with cool web concepts!

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