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Letterman and McCain Patch Things Up


Despite a recent "Late Show" cancellation, David Letterman is ready to make nice with John McCain -- and, according to AP, has scheduled the presidential hopeful for his 13th visit to his show.

Letterman blasted McCain after the Arizona senator told David that he needed to cancel an appearance last month to head back to Washington and work on the economic crisis -- but instead sat down for an interview with CBS anchor Katie Couric.

The "Late Show" host broadcast the feed of McCain prepping to interview with Couric -- and has been poking fun at the GOP nominee and his running mate, Sarah Palin, since the incident.

The Republican camp issued a statement after the cancellation, stating that due to the nightmare on Wall Street, the campaign "felt this wasn't a night for comedy."

Don't miss McCain's return to Letterman's stage on Thursday.