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Brit’s Case Gets Juicier

Just when it appears that Britney Spears is getting her personal life on track, it seems her legal battles are heating up again … with a whole new kind of scandal. X17online.com is reporting that Sam Lutfi’s spokesman, Michael Sands, will testify in Britney’s ongoing custody battle. Sands was once the spokesperson for Kevin Federline’s attorney, Mark Vincent Kaplan, and Britney’s attorneys are reportedly hoping that Sands can sling some dirt on Kaplan.

Now Sands is claiming he’s got some bombshell revelations that will blow the lid off Brit’s custody case. "I'll have to reveal the name of the person who told me Sam Lutfi was a drug dealer and that I should plant that he was a drug dealer in the media," he told X17. "There were two people who witnessed this and I'll have to say who they are." Do tell!