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Custody Decision Looms for Britney and Kevin

Britney spent a tense day in court Friday hammering out the details of her custody arrangement with Kevin Federline – with no result.

The judge said a ruling may come today, which could change the future of their family.

So how did Britney spend the weekend following her exhaustive day in court battling for the kids and cursing at reporters? By partying alongside pal Alli Sims, of course.

After court, the two reportedly joined sought-after bachelor and Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo at L.A. hotspot Les Deux. Tony recently split from country cutie Carrie Underwood.

While Britney was out partying this weekend, her mom Lynne was being peppered by the paparazzi about her new memoir.

“Extra” has learned that the book, called “Pop Culture Mom: A Real Story of Fame and Family in the Tabloid World,” is being ghostwritten by a Michigan mom who specializes in Christian parenting works. It’s due out on Mother’s Day.

Lynne also answered questions of a newly-ignited feud between the two, telling paparazzi, “We’re fine.”