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Jennifer Lopez Speaks Out on Feud with Mom

Jennifer Lopez is blasting back at reports that she’s fighting with her mother Guadalupe.

“I don’t worry about stuff like that,” she told “Extra” on the set of her new Univision mini-series. “Obviously, if we’re not talking she wouldn’t have called me to tell me we were in the papers.”

Instead of focusing on tabloid reports, Jennifer is working on a five-part miniseries made from her latest Spanish-language album.

“At the end of each episode I will sing the song that inspires the episode, kind of like the narrator walking through at the end telling the story through the song,” she explained.

Jennifer produced the miniseries herself, and it’s a project she has high hopes for.

“It feels weird. I’ve never written anything before except for parts of songs,” she said. “It’s a real first for me, it’s nerve-racking. To think of something that you wrote being turned into a five part mini-series…it’s a gift.”

Lopez embarks on her tour later this week. She added, “We are rehearsing, we leave on Friday. It’s exciting.”