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Do You Think Larry Birkhead’s Testimony Proves He's the Father?

The other man at the center of the Anna Nicole Smith fiasco, Larry Birkhead, broke down in court Thursday morning.

Like Howard K. Stern, Birkhead believes he is father of Anna Nicole’s daughter, Danielynn.

And now “Extra” is revealing his compelling statement from inside the Florida courtroom.

“I just told her over and over something’s going to happen to you, something going to happen,” Birkhead said before breaking down in tears.

“I missed the delivery of my child, had to pay $4.99 to pay magazines to see my baby. I missed everything you can’t get back,” Larry confessed.

What’s more, Birkhead insisted he tried to keep Anna Nicole off drugs, and even pointed the finger of blame at Howard K. Stern.

“You don’t know how many times I had to help her and carry her back and forth to make sure she was okay, and they kept bringing more and more drugs in the house,” he said, adding, “At times, I took her medicine and I was told by Mr. Stern to give it back to her because she needed it to live.”

For more on the unfolding Anna Nicole courtroom drama, stay tuned to “Extra” and check back for more updates.