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Why Karrueche Tran Loves Cardi More After Working Together

“Extra’s” Katie Krause spoke with Karrueche Tran and Jenn Lyon about the final season of “Claws.”

Karrueche also opened up about working with Cardi B on her show “Cardi Tries.” She shared, “It made me love her even more. I see her on TV as an entertainer, but doing random things with her, I saw her as a person. It was like hanging out with my homegirl. We had so much fun doing random things at the grocery store.”

As for the final season of “Claws,” Tran teased, “If you thought ‘Claws’ couldn’t get any more wild and crazy, you read scripts and it’s a crazy roller coaster, and we are going out with a bang.”

Lyon shared her own tease, saying, “A burnt-down casino, breakups all over the place, the girls are in rags and are going to face their fiercest enemy yet.”

Karrueche and Jenn admitted that it was “sad” for them to say goodbye to “Claws.” Tran noted, “We bonded onscreen and off, which made it special. We even had arts and crafts during COVID. We go to set and it feels less like work.”

Lyon revealed, “I think I started crying by Episode 2 of this season. I’m a crier, and I was like, ‘This is the last time we’re going to wear this outfit.’ I never want things to end. I’m change-resistant.”

“Claws” premieres December 19 on TNT.

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