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Why Anthony Anderson Hitched a Ride with Total Strangers from Best Buy

“Extra’s” Billy Bush caught up with Anthony Anderson and his mom Doris to talk about their show “To Tell the Truth,” but first Billy needed to get the story behind Anthony hitching a ride from strangers!

A few weeks ago, a Best Buy customer helped Anthony get some large TVs home to his apartment in NYC and the actor posted about it on Instagram.

Anthony explained, “I happen to take a walk to Best Buy Billy and I’m like, ‘I need some televisions… the brother ahead of me in line was like, ‘Man I'll take you home. He didn’t tell me he had his lady in the backseat. Im out there with three 65 in televisions cleaning out this man's truck.”

Anderson was the one behind the wheel in the video, and he joked, “I drove because I didn’t want them to be kidnapping me and calling my mama for a ransom.”

Anthony also dished on the of his hit show “Black-ish,” saying, “We've already had our wrap party. This is our victory lap right now… with a lot less emotion. We're ending it with a party in D.C. to show the finale.”

Anthony and his mom also star in “To Tell the Truth,” featuring a panel of celebrity judges who try to determine if strangers are lying or telling the truth. Anderson even promised to have Billy on as a judge. Watch!

“To Tell the Truth” airs Tuesdays at 10 p.m. on ABC.

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