50 Cent Says He Will Stop Feuding in Honor of Kobe Bryant

“Extra’s” Billy Bush sat down with 50 Cent today, who opened up about a recent Instagram post honoring Kobe Bryant.

Following Kobe’s death in a helicopter crash, 50 posted, “i feel like i have to achieve what i want in life now after this. i have to focus, i’m not arguing with anyone anymore i ll deal with it another way if there’s a problem.”

He told Billy of his decision, “I’m just not going to argue with people anymore… Those arguments were part of the competitive nature of hip-hop culture, just being competitive we would go back and say things back and forth.” 50 went on, “I’m just not going to argue… I got a new way to respond, I’m like, ‘Brother, why is my inner peace interrupting your demons?’”

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