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Watch Jerry O’Connell Show Off His ‘Pictionary’ Drawing Skills (Exclusive)

Jerry O’Connell is a busy man!

Along with co-hosting “The Talk” and “The Real Love Boat,” O’Connell is now the host of the game show “Pictionary.”

Jerry told "Extra's" Billy Bush, “It’s really fun. My wife was like, ‘It’s the most fun I’ve seen you have at work.’”

During their chat, Jerry also showcased his artist skills while he played Pictionary with Billy. Watch!

O’Connelll joked about how he’s been packing his schedule, saying, “It’s also good because I have twin daughters… and as much as I can get away from them, that’s what I’m really trying to do.”

Check your local listings to watch Jerry host “Pictionary.”

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