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Vanessa Lachey Unwraps Back-to-School Challenges with Rice Krispies Treats!

Vanessa Lachey is unwrapping the challenges of this back-to-school season by teaming up with Rice Krispies Treats for their limited edition "Love in Case Of" kits to help parents identify the key moments their child might need a little extra love. Nearly 80% of kids said they crave a handwritten note from their parents, and Rice Krispies Treats writable wrappers are a simple way for Moms and Dads to share their love.

“Extra” chatted with Vanessa about how she’s personally helping her kids get back-to-school ready. Plus, she gives us the inside scoop on the upcoming season of the Emmy-nominated Netflix show, “Love Is Blind,” which she co-hosts with husband Nick. Take a look!

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