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Steven Spielberg on ‘E.T.’ 40th Anniversary, Plus: Why He Didn’t Subtitle ‘West Side Story’

“Extra’s” Katie Krause spoke with famed director Steven Spielberg Monday at the Hollywood premiere of “West Side Story,” where he reflected on the upcoming 40th anniversary of his iconic film “E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial.”

Spielberg shared, “‘E.T.’ was really my first love story.”

He added, “I really considered the way those kids felt about E.T. and the way the adults felt about E.T… was a really a labor of love for us. That was a special moment for us, you only get that once in your life.”

Steven called “West Side Story” his second love story. As for his decision not to use subtitles in the movie, he explained, “In complete respect for the Spanish [language]… Spanish needed to find its own place. If I subtitle the Spanish, I would be doubling down on the English and that would be completely unfair to the equality that we’re trying to achieve.”

What’s the message he wants to send with “West Side Story”? Steven answered, “Love, not war.”

As for his 75th birthday plans, Steven noted that his wife Kate Capshaw is in charge, saying, “I’ll leave that to Katie.”

He emphasized, “I just want to be with my kids and grandkids.”

“West Side Story” hits theaters December 10.

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