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Sterling K. Brown Teases Major Deaths on ‘This Is Us’

“Extra’s” Katie Krause spoke with Sterling K. Brown Tuesday at the final-season premiere of “This is Us” in L.A., where he discussed Randall’s political aspirations and hinted at some major deaths!

When asked about the two major deaths, Sterling said, “The show from the beginning has been a roller coaster, and I think the show ultimately is about love goes on, that we face tragedy, we face adversity, but that adversity doesn’t define us… it can make us stronger, and the way in which we choose to live the time that we have is the only thing that we should really be concerned about.”

Calling the show “inspirational,” Sterling added, “You see the Pearsons go through some stuff, but they come out on the other side very prolific.”

Brown stressed the importance of having a show that is “reflective” of what is going on in the world and sharing the message of “hope.”

As for where his character Randall’s political aspirations will take him this season, Sterling plugged the show’s season premiere, commenting, “Please check it out and find the answers to these questions.”

He did discuss Randall and Beth’s relationship, saying, “They’re in a good place. They go through a few things.”

“[Beth]’s dealing with some things from her past that she hadn’t found resolution and she finally finds resolution in a really fulfilling way and I think her husband supports her always in the best way that he knows how.”

Sterling said he was confident with the show’s ending, saying, “I think it ends exceptionally well… The show doesn’t meander across the finish line, but really sprints towards the finish line in a very fulfilling and complete way.”

Sterling and his castmates are still filming the final season, but he said it’ll definitely be tear-jerking on set when they are wrapping. He said, “Everyone will cry.”

Of his New Year’s resolution, Brown joked that he’ll need to find a job after “This Is Us” is over.

“This Is Us” returns January 4 on NBC.

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