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Simone Biles Talks Possibility of 2024 Olympics

“Extra’s” Cheslie Kryst spoke with Simone Biles and Jordan Chiles, who just wrapped up their Gold Over America tour.

Simone recently made headlines after mental health struggles forced her to pull out of the summer Olympics in Tokyo. While she’s doing “a lot better” now, the seven-time Olympic medal winner admitted, “It kind of sucked to train five years for something like that to happen.”

“It was a hard time, but I think the impact it made was really heartfelt to a lot of people. At least it got the word out about mental health and helped a lot of people,” Biles emphasized. “It was the craziest time of my whole entire career.”

Jordan shared her two cents, saying, “It was a very difficult situation she was going through. I asked her almost every day… ‘Are you okay? Are you sure, you’re good?’”

As for the possibility of returning to competition in the 2024 Olympic games, Biles said, “I feel like I have a lot of options to weigh. Definitely need some time off, mental break, physical break, and then we’ll see.”

Jordan noted that she’s “taking it day by day” in terms of the 2024 Olympics, adding, that it’s “up in the air.”

Simone and Jordan are balancing life and floor routines together in their Gold Over America tour. Jordan dished, “It’s high-energy. It definitely brings a huge impact on the people out in the crowd.”

The tour wrapped, but it’s streaming December 4 on Stellar.

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