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Salma Hayek’s Complimentary Words for ‘House of Gucci’ Co-Star Lady Gaga

“Extra’s” Cheslie Kryst spoke with Salma Hayek at the “House of Gucci” premiere, where she raved about co-star Lady Gaga.

Salma said, “I got to work with Lady Gaga… I wouldn’t trade it for the world.”

Hayek also praised director Ridley Scott, saying, “I loved working with Ridley… What a genius he is.”

As for her co-star Jared Leto, Salma commented, “I did work with Jared on another movie, so we’re friends for a long time.”

Referring to her other co-stars like Al Pacino and Adam Driver, Salma noted, “I wish I had worked with the other ones… Everybody is so brilliant.”

Hayek also gave a 360-degree look at her dress, saying that the premieres have given her a chance to dress up, considering her movie wardrobe was the “worst.” She stressed, “I mean it was so bad, on purpose… so I was looking in the mirror in character, ‘Just wait for the premieres.’”

“House of Gucci” hits theaters November 24.

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