Ryan Sutter Speaks Out About Mystery Illness

Trista Sutter recently opened up about her husband Ryan Sutter’s mystery illness, and now he’s shedding more light on his health battle.

Ryan’s condition has symptoms similar to lymphoma, but doctors have ruled out cancer. He took to Instagram to tell fans they are now looking into “immune disorders, autoimmune disorders, viruses, bacteria.”

He also said in a statement, "Thank you to everyone for the overwhelming amount of support and sincere concern in regards to recent news concerning my personal health. It has become quite apparent many of you have either known someone or have personally experienced similar situations and for that we share our greatest condolences.”

Ryan continued, “As you can imagine, during trying times of any kind, the comfort and support of family is most important and is something for which both Trista and I are indescribably grateful. We are working closely with our chosen network of top medical professionals and health advisors to search for the answers we need and are exploring a multitude of possibilities to get me back in good health. We will update you when we feel progress has been made and is appropriate to share. Moving forward, we hope that you will respect our privacy and that of my place of employment and give us the space and time required to dedicate our attention to the unknown battle ahead."

Watch the video for more on Ryan’s story, and other top celebrity headlines.

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