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Rick Astley on That ‘Ted Lasso’ Moment, Plus: NKOTB, En Vogue & Salt-N-Pepa Talk MixTape Tour

New Kids on the Block are back and hitting the road with En Vogue, Salt-N-Pepa and Rick Astley as special guests on the MixTape Tour 2022!

“Extra’s” Senior Music Correspondence Adam Weissler sat down with all the artists to talk about the tour.

Adam had to ask Rick about a recent “Ted Lasso” episode that featured his hit song “Never Gonna Give You Up,” asking how it feels to be in the zeitgeist.

Rick teased, “I don’t know whether I’m in the zeitgeist, exactly… but I’ll take that, believe me, I’ll take it!”

He went on, “Yes, I had some hits back in the day. Obviously, one keeps coming around, and I think of that as just a really lucky thing. I know some artists sometimes run away from their biggest song because it is a chain ‘round their neck almost, and I just think it is the total opposite, it is a door-opener.”

The MixTape Tour 2022 kicks off in May and will feature countless songs and memorable dance moves, making it the party of the year for fans of these popular acts.

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