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Kevin Costner Talks New Season of ‘Yellowstone’ and the State of World in 2020

“Yellowstone” is back for Season 3, and Kevin Costner is dishing on the drama with “Extra’s” Billy Bush.

Costner, who plays cattle rancher John Dutton, explained, “There’s so many people coming after my land… and people are having a lot of fun with my dysfunctional family… The drama has always been about the land. Everything in America has been about the land.”

Kevin also gave his take on the state of the world, saying, “If I think about what’s happening right now, I don’t have that little quip about what this is about, but I understand I have to live every day, not only for myself but for other people. I have to be willing to stand in front of people who are victimized, who are threatened, who are marginalized.”

“Yellowstone” airs Sundays on the Paramount Network.

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