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Paula Patton Calls Son Julian ‘My Everything,’ Plus: She Talks New Show ‘Sacrifice’

Paula Patton is stepping into a new role as a high-powered entertainment lawyer in the new thriller series “Sacrifice.”

She opened up to “Extra’s” Rachel Lindsay about the part, and her life with 11-year-old son Julian.

“Sacrifice” premieres Thursday on BET+, and Paula shared, “When we meet Daniella, she's at a crossroads, and she is asking herself if she's willing to sacrifice her soul to get these things done.”

Patton revealed her father is a lawyer and that it influenced her acting, saying, “As a kid, I used to go and watch him be on trial… I got some of my acting love from him because there is something about a performance about being an attorney.”

Rachel asked what Paula’s biggest sacrifice has been, and she said, “I think, like any working mom, there's that sacrifice that you make when you go to work.”

She shares Julian with her ex-husband Robin Thicke, saying of their son, “He's my everything… and I love him so deeply. The great thing is he'll see me work and he'll go... ‘Mom, I'm proud of you.’”

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