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Michael Ealy Reacts to ‘Fatale’ Co-star Hilary Swank’s Blushworthy Comments About His Acting

Actor Michael Ealy is shocked and humbled by recent blushworthy comments made by his “Fatale” co-star Hilary Swank.

“Extra’s” Cheslie Kryst sat down with Michael to talk about the new movie, and asked how he reacted to Hilary’s description of his acting. She recently told People, "He can turn on a locomotive of charisma and sexual energy on the screen when it’s called for.”

Ealy laughed hearing the quote again, and told Cheslie, “I’m still in shock with that quote. From the moment I read it, I’ve just been humbled by it… I try to work hard and if that’s how it comes across to somebody, fantastic. I’m grateful.”

In the movie, Hilary plays a detective who drags a one-night stand (Ealy) into her latest investigation.

“Fatale” is out now.

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